What’s happening at or for Grandma’s House

Current or upcoming fundraisers, events, and news:

Host a Fundraiser
Support from our community makes a huge difference in our ability to help kids. You can be a part of the effort by involving your friends, church community, or clubs. These grass roots efforts help us with funds and supplies, as well as creating ambassadors: people who know who we are, what we do, and tell others.
Bring together any group of people you know cares about kids for lunch, morning coffee, or an activity. Ask them to bring things we always need, like hygiene products, warm socks, or gift cards, and make donations. We would be happy to come talk about our programs to your group, if possible.

A few fundraisers and events from the past:

Summer Corruption 2021
An old favorite among the motorcycle community was brought back by Larry Ramos, “Animal”. The Summer Corruption Run was a huge success and $8325 was raised for Grandma’s House.
Field Trip
The residents of Grandma’s House spent the day at The High Desert Museum. The little ones had a fun day especially with the hands on experiences and the animal exhibits.
Car Stickers Inc. Raises Money
Car Stickers Inc. had a company fundraiser for Grandma’s House and raised a generous $3,000. With this money that they raised they purchased beautiful new couches and a big T.V. for the residents living room.
Trinity Taco Night
Thank you to the Trinity Women Volunteers who came out and made Taco Night for our girls, it was a fun night.
Credit Union Cleanup
A great team of volunteers from Mid Oregon Credit Union came out and helped do some much needed clean up around Grandma’s House yards. Thank you for your hard work.
Woody Retires
Woody started with Grandma’s House in 1992 as a volunteer and since then Woody has used her heart to advocate for pregnant young moms who cannot advocate for themselves. Woody is a gentle and loving sole that has brought such warmth to Grandma’s House all these years.
Animal’s 11th Annual BBQ Run
Larry (Animal) pulled off a very successful fundraiser during extremely trying times this year. The year 2020 was a tough year to try and raise funds, stay social distancing while having a fundraiser. We are extremely grateful for their years of support to Grandma’s House, the girls and their babies.
Mother’s Day
The girls woke to a nice surprise of donated gift bags, cake and balloons. We had a nice BBQ lunch for the residents of Grandma’s House.
Thank You Epikos Church Bend, OR for sharing you day of love and caring with Grandma’s House! We love you all so much!
Animal’s 10th Annual BBQ Run
Larry Ramos set out to raise $10 Thousand this year for Grandma’s House in honor of Anima’s 10th Annual BBQ Run. He succeeded and then some, the motorcycle community really supports Grandma’s house families.