Grandma's House White Drive...

WhatIfWecould, a new crowdsourcing platform, had graciously chosen Grandma’s House to support through their drive called Grandma’s House White Drive.

Money was raised buy donating $16, $20 and $36.

Did you know that you can support Grandma’s House for just:

 $16 dollars for a case of Paper Towels or a case of Toilet Paper?

$20 for a case of Wet Wipes?

$36 for  a case of Diapers?

The goal with this White Drive was for financial support to outfit Grandma’s House with 3 months’ worth of Diapers, Wipes, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper.

Thank you to all our values friends and supporters, your support is like a warm hug and means the world to our young mothers and babies.



The response was wonderfulLet us highlight a few!!

*We opened the door to 84 roles of paper towels sent by a past resident!!

 *We raised $505 , to purchase needed items through the winter!

 *We had two teachers that have put together needed items to send to Grandma’s House!

 *A volunteer dropped off diapers and wipes!

 *We had a case of toilet paper dropped on our doorstep!

 *We had 3 cases of diapers dropped off!

 *We so appreciated the baby clothing and supplies folks added in!

All donations go directly into Grandma's House PayPal/Bank Account. From there, staff will use the proceeds to pick up the items that have been donated. Every donation is so appreciated and tax deductible!!!

Thank you again for your support!